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Cyrano's ArtSpace Gallery welcomes back artist Melissa Shaginoff!


Melissa Shaginoff returns to Cyrano's ArtSpace Gallery after participating in December 2018's Alaska Native Place group exhibition. Her new solo exhibition, These Days Traditions, opens with a First Friday Recep.. MORE >


First Friday with A Group Exhibit Curated by K N Goodrich


Cyrano’s ArtSpace Gallery presents Bird Songs Curated by K N Goodrich Featuring: Denise Broussard, Gina Edwards, Douglas Girard, Linda Lucky, Alexandra Sonneborn, Dan Twitchell, and Sarah Whalen-Lunn First Fri.. MORE >


Heroic Love! Hearts Like Fists opens at Cyrano's.


"He found the right balance at every turn, and as much as I found myself laughing and enjoying the action, I also pondered my own love life several times. Kudos Mr. Delaney, well done." "From the poses to the fig.. MORE >


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