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"Shakespeare Sundays" is a special film series that is a partnership between Cyrano's Theatre Company, Shakespearean scholar and UAA professor Dr. Rob Crosman, and the Alaska Humanities Forum.

This is a free gift to the community!

It is a monthly event that features a Shakespearean film with a conversation afterwards--a crash course in Shakespeare 101, led by Shakespearean aficionados, directors, and experts that we guarantee groundlings will enjoy!


“Chimes at Midnight”: November 20: Orson Welles at his most provocative, as he explores Falstaff, one of Shakespeare’s finest creations, through his various reincarnations in the Bard’s plays.

Shakespeare factoid regarding Star Trek

If you watch closely, Shakespeare has an enormous influence over Star Trek: Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha has a very comprehensive list of influences over the years. Lots of Trek titles are Shakespeare references and Captain Picard loved to recite The Bard.

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