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The now and future Cyrano's Theatre Company is dedicated to Jerry Harper and the high standards he established.

About Us:


Who We Are

Cyrano's Theatre Company is the resident company at Cyrano's Off-Center Playhouse in Anchorage, Alaska. It was formed in 1995 by a loose-knit group of volunteers committed to producing professional, quality dramatic works while utilizing Alaskan talent.

The nurturing of regional talent is one of Cyrano's most important goals. Cyrano's has employed actors and technicians from Juneau to Fairbanks and has made extensive use of UAA's Theatre Department graduates. In this respect, Cyrano's has been a bridge or transition point from the academic theatre to professional careers in theater.

Cyrano's performers, technicians, directors and designers all work to bring the absolute best theatre to Anchorage audiences. In addition, they have to make a living, a fact that considerably complicates the matter of making art. Cyrano's ultimate goal is to provide talented artists with the financial means to practice their craft on a full-time basis without having to seek employment outside the theatre. Cyrano's is also working to set up a special endowment for salaries so Alaskan artists can mature and grow here at home.

Founding members, Jerry and Sandy Harper, received the 1997 Governor's Arts Award for arts organizations in recognition of their work.


Jerry and Sandy Harper

Jerry and Sandy spent their earlier years under the mentorship of OBIE Award Winner, Rachel Rosenthal. Both were core members in Rosenthal's innovative new theatre form called "Instant Theatre" and "Instant Fairytales" in Los Angeles. While in L.A., Sandy earned her Master's Degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena.

Jerry Harper is the Artistic Director Emeritus of Cyrano's. During Jerry's life his acting and directing credentials were extensive. Jerry was the Dean of Voiceover talent and appeared in numerous commercials. A few of Jerry's awards include: Best Actor Award in Chicago for "MacBird", the Lorene Harrison Award For Lifetime Achievement In The Arts (2001), and the Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from University of Alaska Anchorage (2004).

Jerry died of cancer April 8, 2005, the day after Cyrano's received yet another accolade, the Mayors Award for Arts Organizations.

Jerry's acting accolades include:

  • Tony Kushner's work with Marion Seldes at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez
  • Jerry played Robert in "Proof"
  • Man3 in "Albee's Men"
  • Sorin in "The Seagull"
  • Pozzo in "Waiting For Godot"
  • The narrator in "archy & mehitabel"
  • Polonius in "Hamlet"
  • Big Daddy in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"
  • Wally Sherman in Dick Reichman's original play "Money"
  • King Lear in UAA's production of "King Lear"
  • Syd in Alaskan playwright Eric Wallace's work about famed Alaskan visual artist, Sydney Lawrence
  • Tobias in Edward Albee's "A Delicate Balance"

Jerry's directing credits include:

  • "Glengarry Glen Ross" by David Mamot
  • "The Trial" by Kafka adapted by Stephan Berkoff
  • "Moonlight" by Harold Pinter
  • "Johnny's Girl" by Kim Rich
  • "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" by Martin cDonagh
  • "The Price" by Arthur MIller
  • "Born Yesterday" by Garson Kanin
  • "The Heiress" by Ruth and Augustus Goetz
  • "The Bells of Geneva" by CTC resident Playwright Dick Reichman

Sandy Harper

As Cyrano's Producing Artistic Director, Sandy Harper coordinates the activities of the Board, directs marketing and fundraising, and owns and operates the Cyrano's bookstore. In addition, Sandy serves as the producer of each show, insuring all needs are met.

Sandy devotes a great amount of time serving in the community. Sandy has served on the boards of The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, The Anchorage Downtown Partnership and The Anchorage Downtown Association. She also served as President of The Anchorage Cultural Council.

Sandy was honored with The Contribution to Literacy in Alaska Award as the founding member of The Alaska Center for the Book. She received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from University of Alaska Anchorage and was recently awarded the Lorene Harrison Award For Lifetime Achievement In The Arts

Here's a terrific interview of Sandy from The Anchorage Press

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Cyrano's is an award-wining theatre company; some of our many accolades are below:

Governor's Award for Arts Organizations

  • Regularly voted "Best Live Theater" in Anchorage by Play readers
  • Recipient of Mayor's Arts Organization Award
  • Sandy was honored with The Contribution to Literacy in Alaska Award as the founding member of The Alaska Center for the Book
  • Voted Best Live Theatre in Anchorage by readers of the Anchorage Daily News
  • Voted Press Picks Best Live Theatre by readers of the Anchorage Press
  • Recipient of the Governor's Arts Award for Arts Organization
  • Recipient of the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Arts Organization
  • Governor's Award for Individual Artist: Jerry Harper
  • Finalist for the Chamber of Commerce Goldpan Awards
  • Downtown Partnership Heart of the City Award
  • A Citation from the Alaska Legislature

Stage Talk Awards for productions include:

  • David Edgecombe - adapting and directing "Adams Rib"
  • David Edgecombe - Best Director for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
  • Plus the entire cast of "Virgina Woolf" -- with Mark Robokof as George winning Best Actor
  • Dick Reichman for his original play "War"
  • Special acknowledgements to Bernie Blaine and Elizabeth Ware for their acting, and to Dean Williams and Bowen Gillings sharing the award for Most Versatile Actor.

Board of Directors

Artistic Director Emeritus: Jerry Harper
Producing Artistic Director: Sandy Harper
Hilary Morgan, Chair
David Marquez, Vice-Chair
Bernie Washington, Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
James Fredrick, Secretary
Julie Varee, Development Committee Chair

CTC welcomes Committee members to help CTC's dynamic Board help CTC evolve to our next stage of fiduciary sustainability.

Current committees in place are the Development/Resource Committee and the Finance Committee. Please contact Sandy at

Also if you have interest in actually serving on the board we can especially use someone with PR, IT, and communication skills. If you are an experienced grant arms await your expertise.

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