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"Mad love story 'Private Lives' is a droll delight at Cyrano's"


"amusingly acidic production...The audience hung on every insult...a template for future rom-coms with spiky scripts." Read entire review here at the Alaska Dispatch News "...densely layered with comedy, tragedy,.. MORE >


PRIVATE LIVES playing to sell-out audiences! See a preview on Entertainment Link


Hear from Artistic Director Teresa K Pond and see clips of Noel Coward's play (now playing at Cyrano's through April 2) on Ron Holmstrom's recent edition of Entertainment Link. Be sure and get your tickets early; the firs.. MORE >


Casting Call! Auditions in April


Auditions for upcoming plays include THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL and SHE KILLS MONSTERS. Directed by Teresa K. Pond, THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL plays this summer (July 21 - Aug. 27) and SHE K.. MORE >


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